Monday, 6 January 2014

When is a Noodle not a Noodle

Truth or Darebin ?

Darebin Songwriters Guild last hoorah until next year!

I prepared three songs to perform, and one of the songs had to mention Christmas in some sort of way.

Oh Jesus, what was I going to sing for that song !

So I borrowed a few books from the library including a Christmas Carols book...but alas the Carols book was wonderful, but most of favourite carols have those dreaded barre chords.

It is my New Year resolution to stop using my wonderful capo friend, and force myself to play barre chords.
I've tried lots of times, but I'm so impatient.

 But that's probably another post....later about barre chords!

We also had to bring something to share...well I always have plans of grandeur.
In the end reality bites ..I asked a friend for her recipe for ' chocolate spiders' .
Not the incy wincy kind but the noodle kind, hence the title of this post.

Well let me tell you I went all out and made dark and milk chocolate spiders.

Then presented them in a Christmas box complete with cellophane and red ribbon.

Thinking I had everything beautifully organised, I was excited about the last Guild and how I had taken tiny little footsteps to finally stop writing and playing for my audience of one and taken my music beyond the bedroom walls.

However it was not all Jingle Bells as I had incorrectly looked at the work roster and was meant to be working my day job. I also  planned a quick getaway from my Mums house who was babysitting but my little boy didn't want me to leave.

So I was feeling incredibly silly about missing work and guilty about leaving my son!
Off I went hesitatingly to sing a couple of my little songs.

Well I finally got there and my performance was okay.....and I added a verse to my song 'Chocolate kisses' to include a Christmas message.

 But the chocolate spiders were the chart topping hit!

The Guildians loved them.

The moral of the story is that " Chocolate will always save the day".

So I will sign off from this post!

The Amazing spider-woman,

Jasmine xxx

This is meant to be a blog about chasing your dreams and my musical adventures, however I have included the link to the recipe for the chocolate spiders, as everybody loves a happy ending and lets face it chasing your dreams makes you hungry!

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