Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sarah Buxton - Crash Into You

Sometimes you have those days when you just shouldn't have got out of my bed!
Those days can turn into months and even years if you don't just keep going.

I think the word attitude gets a bad wrap and has too many negative connotations.
I am learning everyday that your energy, attitude, vibe can really influence people.
Its only taken a few decades and about twenty or so self help books, the universe and Oprah.

I have also learnt not to be afraid !
If you don't make mistakes, you wont learn and hence grow from the experience.
Yes cliche but too bad.(see attitude)

When your a kid, you just go for it and don't worry about what others think, but unfortunately as we get older we start to judge others and ourselves to sometimes become our own worst enemy.

So this brings me to Sarah.
Sarah Buxton is a singer/songwriter who wrote one of my favourite songs called 'Stupid Boy'.
The song was covered and a huge hit for Keith Urban.

Here is a clip of her singing 'Crash Into You' and unfortunately it doesn't go according to plan.
I will also include her song 'Stupid Boy' just because the song is so so so good !

So I'm starting the new year with attitude, determination and the amazing ability, to laugh at any situation I totally stuff up and Just Keep Going!

If you crash, crash and learn !
Jasmine xxx

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  1. Mel, well said.. amazing what we create for ourselves. Thank God for Oprah. hahaha.. anyway we are always working on ourselves and it takes courage to make mistakes but that's what helps us grow ... okay that's my part... Also, I love the video ( Sarah) is so cute loved how she continue with a smile and laugh. Both great songs... I see a bit of you in her. Keep moving forward Mel and I will too... Jasmine Winter is on her way...