Friday, 28 June 2013

What is Art ?

So What is Art?

I was washing the dishes when I glanced back at  the dish rack and noticed a colourful formation of plastic cups the kids drink with, white sparkling plates striped from the reminisce of last nights saucy Dolmio pasta bake and  a shiny sauce pan, quietly stacked on the top of the pile showing its prominence as having  been used to heat the sleeping magic white cow juice that soothes and fills my dynamic duos bellies.

I thought ' how weirdly beautiful', maybe I was just happy to be finished with the washing up or high on the' Morning fresh'!

Which brings me to this great show Ive been watching, produced by Sarah Jessica Parker of 'Sex and the City fame' . Click on the link below.
So I have decided 'Art' is something that is personal and makes you feel some type of emotion.

So my dish rack was Art to me .....ha ha

Also took these pics today after watching 'Work of Art' even my husband had a go....
Art is contagious... and fun !

The view from my kitchen window!

Tree song

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