Sunday, 23 June 2013

Too many ideas for my Polka dot brain !

I have been working on a song originally called ' Polka dot girl brain", but brain just doesn't sound right.So Ive changed it to ' Polka dot girl'. The idea is to celebrate those of us who think outside the box!
Love to share a few verses and a Chorus with you !
Each Chorus the lyrics slightly change but here is one Chorus;

Shes a polka dot girl,
Doesn't think in black and white,
Wears lipstick to bed at night,
Shes a polka dot girl.

She wears a coat in summer,
And shorts in the fall,
In Spring she wears flowers in her hair,
There blooming beautiful.

Shes a polka dot girl,
She never wears matching socks,
Cause her left foots left and rights all right,
Shes a polka dot girl.

Please check out this Ellies folio......and click on link

This just snap shot of the song thinking of playing the spoons in the bridge!

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