Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Truth or Darebin ?

I pick Truth and Darebin !

Yep oops I did it again and not Brittany style either I actually sang!

I picked up my faithful friend and sometimes foe, my guitar and drove to Bar 303 again, but this time I had  some roadies, my Dad who has never seen me perform before and Uncle came for the battle....

I do like the word battle !

But it actually wasn't really a battle. It is with a lovely group of songwriters who share their stories in song. The energy in the room feels  a little magical as you wait for the next performer to play their songs.Their stories, experiences and passion for writing  captivates  me and even inspired my Dad to start writing.

Every chance I get to perform I try to reflect and learn.
I was a little nervous and speedy on the guitar, but I'm delighted to be out there writing, singing and playing. If people get or feel something when they hear my songs I am happy,

The song I performed is a thank you note to my Grandmother for her sacrifices to ensure future generations  of her family have a better life....hence Amilia smiles.


  1. I think it's great that you are going out there and doing something you love and it makes you happy and I am sure others enjoy your performance. Keep up the good work. The heavens are shining down on you jasmine winter!!!