Friday, 23 August 2013

A Story and a Song !

Last Wednesday I attended my first lesson of a five week songwriting course!
I was so excited to meet new Songwriters and listen to there stories as well as share writing techniques.

The first story transported me to a different time.It was a story about her family and the Second World War,the tears,tragedies and fate.

The other songwriter had a different type of survival.It was more about survival in the concrete jungle and the political war that can occur in the workplace!

My story was more light hearted called'Polkadot girl'.I have previously mentioned  the song before in my blog, but just cant seem to give the idea the impact it deserves!

My definition of a 'Polkadot girl' is a girl/woman who is not afraid to be extraordinarily different!

Surprisingly during the course of the evening my little fluffy song turned into more of a women's anthem about the right to be different!

Our homework was to write our stories and add a melody!

So I'm rewriting again! (I am determined to get it right!)

 I learnt that night that 'Everybody has a story to tell' and if everyone took time to listen,the world would be a more empathetic, peaceful and beautiful place to live!

Pen and paper in my hand I will smile and fall asleep dreaming polka dot dreams!

Jasmine xxx


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