Friday, 12 July 2013

Truth or Darebin!

I was looking for a place to play, when I was told about the 'Darebin Songwriters Guild'.
I checked out there face book page and decided to play at there next gig.

Guild sounds a little medieval !

So with a microphone stand and my guitar as my suit of armour I decided to 'sing'

The battle was to begin, not in the rolling hills and dense evergreen forest but a unique almost endless street where a creature that carries survivors through a grey road, called a tram makes its way through colorful shops, bars and cafes.

Dreadlocks,undercuts and the sound of the high 'e' string being tuned.

Black velvet curtains with scars of previous battles and the smell of beer and wine saturated the well worn lounges.

I feel strangely comfortable even though I had never performed at the venue before.

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