Sunday, 13 April 2014

" Who is Jasmine Winter ?"

A hippy heart,
A coffee smile,
Morning sun,
Through Holland blinds.

Two little kisses,
Running around,
She picks up toys from the ground.

Ticking of the head and heart,
Words on lined paper,
She strums her guitar.

She never wears beige or grey,
They blend,
They fade,
She has something to say.

Loved ones live,
In a angelic place,
It makes her realise that life's, a paragraph on a long page.

The bouncy ball,
That used to follow the words,
Now carefully stops before,
The next sentence is heard,

The ball has turned into a bell,
Breaking the fearful spell,

One day has turned to many nights,
Writing songs to bedroom ears,
She reads a book,
'About a Little Bird'
Who wanted to sing and thought,
 It would  never  be heard.

With her spotty pj's on ,
She writes another heartfelt song.
Her eyes begin to flutter and with a pen in her hand,

She drifts into a melody where she believes she can ,
She is no longer waiting aimlessly and Jasmine Winters born.

Jasmine because of the sweet perfumed flower which spreads contagiously and is difficult to cut down.
Winter because it was the season she was born in to perform.

I hope you enjoy my stories and songs !

Wishing you A million smiles,

Jasmine Winter xxx


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